The 'Distintivo ESR' refers to the recognition granted to companies that meet certain standards and criteria in corporate social responsibility. ESR stands for 'Socially Responsible Companies'.


Companies seeking to obtain the 'Distintivo ESR' must meet a series of criteria in various areas of social responsibility. These criteria usually cover aspects such as business ethics, care for the environment, quality of life in the company, connection with the community, among others.


1. Sustainable Development: Adopting socially responsible practices contributes to sustainable development and the well-being of society in general.

2. Recognition: Obtaining the ESR Distinction is public recognition of the company's efforts and commitments in terms of social responsibility.

3. Competitiveness: The distinctive can improve the reputation and competitiveness of the company, since it indicates a commitment beyond legal obligations.

4. Image Improvement: Corporate social responsibility can contribute positively to the company's image among customers, employees and business partners.

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