Human Rights in ESG Training!

ESG Overview

  • - Brief overview of ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance.
  • - Emphasis on the interconnected nature of these elements for sustainable and responsible business operations.

Integration of Human Rights in ESG

  • - Understanding Human Rights as a critical component of the 'S' (Social) in ESG.
  • - Alignment with global sustainability goals and frameworks.

Importance of Human Rights in Business

  • - Human Rights as a business responsibility beyond legal compliance.
  • - The impact of business activities on stakeholders and communities.

UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

  • - Overview of the UN Guiding Principles: 'Protect, Respect, and Remedy.'
  • - Embedding human rights due diligence in business operations.

ESG Reporting Standards and Human Rights

  • - Highlighting ESG reporting frameworks (e.g., GRI, SASB) that include Human Rights metrics.
  • - The role of transparent reporting in building trust with stakeholders.

Identifying Human Rights Risks and Impacts

  • - Conducting Human Rights Impact Assessments (HRIAs) within the ESG framework.
  • - Recognizing potential risks and negative impacts on affected stakeholders.

Integrating Human Rights in Supply Chain Management

  • - Addressing Human Rights issues in the supply chain.
  • - Supplier due diligence and the responsibility of organizations to ensure ethical practices.

Human Rights Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • - Defining and measuring Human Rights KPIs.
  • - Examples of metrics related to fair labor practices, diversity, and community engagement.

Employee Training and Awareness

  • - The role of employee training in creating awareness about Human Rights.
  • - Fostering a culture of respect, diversity, and inclusion within the organization.

Commitment to Human Rights in ESG

  • - Call to action: Encourage participants to commit to integrating Human Rights into their ESG practices.
  • - Pledge to contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible business environment.