ISO 28001 is an international standard that establishes the requirements for a Security Management System (SMS) specifically tailored to the supply chain. It provides a framework for organizations involved in the transportation, handling, and storage of goods to implement measures to enhance the security of their supply chain processes. The standard aims to mitigate the risks associated with security threats and disruptions that can impact the flow of goods and information throughout the supply chain.


The scope of ISO 28001 encompasses various elements within the supply chain, including transportation, logistics, warehousing, and handling of goods. The standard is applicable to organizations of all sizes that seek to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve a security management system. This includes manufacturers, distributors, freight forwarders, and other entities involved in the movement of goods.


1. Risk Mitigation: ISO 28001 helps organizations identify and assess security risks in the supply chain, allowing for the implementation of measures to mitigate these risks. This proactive approach enhances the resilience of the supply chain against security threats.

2. Improved Security Awareness: The standard promotes a culture of security awareness within the organization. Employees are educated on potential risks and their role in maintaining a secure supply chain environment.

3. Enhanced Stakeholder Confidence: ISO 28001 certification demonstrates a commitment to security best practices. This can enhance the confidence of customers, partners, and stakeholders, fostering trust in the organization's ability to manage security risks effectively.

4. Operational Efficiency: Implementing a Security Management System leads to more efficient supply chain operations. By addressing security concerns, organizations can minimize disruptions and delays, ensuring the smooth flow of goods and information.

5. Legal Compliance: ISO 28001 assists organizations in remaining compliant with relevant security-related laws and regulations. This can prevent legal issues and penalties, contributing to the overall sustainability of the business.

6. Competitive Advantage: Certification to ISO 28001 provides a competitive edge in the marketplace. It signals to customers and partners that the organization takes security seriously and has implemented measures to safeguard the integrity of its supply chain.