In this Training we will delve into the critical issue of modern slavery, gaining insights into its forms, prevalence, and the role each of us plays in combating this global challenge.

Module 1: Understanding Modern Slavery

- Definition and Forms: Explore the various forms of modern slavery, including forced labor, human trafficking, and exploitation.

- Global Impact: Understand the widespread prevalence of modern slavery and its impact on individuals, communities, and economies.

Module 2: Recognizing Indicators

- Identifying Signs: Learn to recognize red flags and indicators of potential modern slavery, both in the workplace and in everyday situations.

- Vulnerable Populations: Understand which groups are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and slavery.

Module 3: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

- International Legislation: Explore key international laws and conventions addressing modern slavery, including the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

- Corporate Social Responsibility: Understand the role of organizations in preventing and addressing modern slavery within their operations and supply chains.

Module 4: Reporting and Response

- Reporting Mechanisms: Familiarize yourself with reporting channels and procedures, both internally within the organization and externally to relevant authorities.

- Effective Response: Learn about the importance of a coordinated and effective response to suspected cases of modern slavery.

Module 5: Creating a Slavery-Free Culture

- Fostering Awareness: Explore strategies to raise awareness and educate colleagues and stakeholders about modern slavery.

- Cultivating a Responsible Culture: Understand the role of individuals and organizations in contributing to a culture that rejects and actively opposes modern slavery.

Conclusion: Taking Action

- Empowerment: Reflect on your role in the fight against modern slavery and consider actionable steps you can take to contribute to its eradication.

- Resources: Access additional resources, hotlines, and organizations dedicated to combating modern slavery.


Complete the assessment to reinforce your understanding of the training material. Successful completion demonstrates your commitment to creating a world free from modern slavery.