Personal Protective Equipment - Selection, Use, and Handling in the Work Centers.

This standard establishes the minimum requirements for the employer to select, acquire, and provide its workers with the corresponding personal protective equipment to protect them from agents in the work environment that may harm their physical integrity and health in a company in Mexico.


1. Normative References:

  • Normative references for the correct interpretation of the NOM-017-STPS
  • Importance of safety and health at work regarding personal protective equipment.

2Identification of PPE:

  • Types of personal protective equipment according to their function and use.
  • Risk Analysis to identify and analyze the work risks to which workers are exposed.

3Determination of PPE:

  • How to determine the PPE for each work area.
  • Personal protective equipment by anatomical region

4Provide PPE:

  • Procedures for the use and replacement of PPE
  • Instructions for the correct use of PPE.

5Dissemination and Supervision:

  • Communication to workers about the work risks to which they are exposed.
  • Communication to contractors of the risks and safety rules of the area where they will carry out their activities.
  • Training and supervision of the use of PPE.


1. Improvement in Job Security: Reduction of injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

2. Cost Reduction: Reduction of costs in medical care and compensation for work injuries.

3. Increase in Productivity: Committed and motivated workers who feel protected by their company.