Constitution, integration, organization and operation of the committee’s safety and hygiene.

This standard establishing the requirements for the constitution, integration, organization, and operation of the health and safety committee in workplaces governs the Mexican national territory.


1. Normative References:

  • Normative references for the correct interpretation of NOM-019-STPS
  • Importance of the Health and Safety Committee at work.

2. Constitution and integration of the Health and Safety Committee:

  • Facility' representation
  • Workers' representation
  • Minutes of constitution of the commission

3. Operation of the Health and Safety Committee:

  • Verification tours
  • Identification of unsafe acts
  • Identification of unsafe conditions
  • Accident investigation.

4. Training to the Health and Safety Committee:

  • Annual training program.


1. Improvement in Job Security: Reduction of injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

2. Cost Reduction: Reduction of costs in medical care and compensation for work injuries.

3. Increase in Productivity: Committed and motivated workers who feel protected by their company.